Soundslides 3: Depression in Graduate Students

29 11 2007

The soundslides presentation below is about depression in graduate students. Because the work-load in graduate school is often quite large, graduate students tend to drown themselves in their work, often finding little or no time for social interaction or stress relief.

I chose this story because it is personal to me, as I have often suffered through bouts of depression throughout graduate school due to the lack of social interaction, and endless work and expectations. As I tried to tell this story, I found it very hard to photograph the issue. I tried to be creative and keep the shots from becoming repetitive, but I do not know if I accomplished this as well as I would have liked. It was hard to get these busy students to take time to let me take more photographs as I thought of different ways to demonstrate the issue. Still, I do think its my best audio work yet!

Take a look and feel free to share your comments.

Soundslides 3: Depression in Graduate Students



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